30 July 2007


saturday, i dropped by my sister's for her son's weekly math tutorial. i entered the home with little J hiding behind the door to give me a "surprise".

"I hiding" giggled she.

I bribed her into giving me a hug, promising a gift for her if I received a really big bear hug.

She obliged.

I presented an offering to this tiny goddess of a diva: teensy hair clips, a tiny hairdryer that spit out puffs of cold air (it even had an interchangeable infuser) , a comb, a faux lipstick, velcro rollers and clip-on art-deco-ish earrings.

She gave a breathless "wah" accompanied by twinkling eyes.

i'm looking forward to fall weather - not that we have any here...

dreaming fall

{coat, hat and bag by Coach, flats from Hollywould (via Manolo)}

~ exp ~


mini said...

hi exp! *waves* the jacket is so cute! when are we going shopping next? huh? huh? huh?

ps. that 15k armoire was too cheap for my liking :D let's find even fancier

exp said...

*LOL* mini - are you back in town? boy, was it fun the last time. let's do it again soon. i'm still dreaming about that armoire :P