03 May 2007



this is sweetie J. she belongs to me. well, she rightfully belongs to my sister and my brother-in-law. she sings, dances, loves shoes and bags. she doesn't mind masquerading as a chef of an italian eatery. oh, she espeically loves prada and any dogs. she introduced the idea of daddy's little girl to her mom and her mom's sisters.

we were never close to our dad.

it's a joy to see that my sister actually married J's daddy.

it's a joy to witness love.

i'm going away for a while... see you in june! ~exp~


Inspira said...

Ah....she's cute - daddy's little girl and my would-be-best-buddy-if-I-was-her-age!

Have fun Exp and E! See you back in June. :-)

mini said...

LOL what a cute little purse she has :D

exp said...

thanks :) i'll be checking the blog for your updates ;)

we'll be in the same continent soon enough :D
J needs a shopping bud - care to sign up?