11 June 2007

Taking the Lead

M is back home.

The good news is that my mom-in-law is recuperating well at the hospital. (Thanks to all who send her well wishes.) Stairway now has this and M finally got a new lappie. No new toy for me just yet but that will soon change - thanks eBay!

Stairway is a bundle of energy. M and I need this to keep her close yet "out" there playing in the open fields just opposite our apartment building. She's taking really well to the harness so having her on a leash whilst she plays in the field may not be as terrifying for her as I thought....

...and whilst we are on a lookout for a retractable lead, these colourful kitchenware may just get into the shopping basket. ;-P ~ Inspira

(Images courtesy of Pylones)

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exp said...

i heart pylones!