13 June 2007


hello inspira,

sorry for my absence... i've been less inspired to write online nowadays - wanting more and more time to dwell and write and doodle in my journal. this vacation awakened my senses and i can't truly identify whether it was the change of scenery or it was having celebrated my birthday while we were in faraway land, i felt the need to be productive. i'm still feeling it now.

and perhaps, it boils down to a simple sentiment. this is the first birthday that has made me feel old. more of the life-is-short-i'm-running-out-of-time old rather than the look-at-the-increasing-number-of-younger-than-me-chicks old. i realize that dreams and ideas need to be implemented. and i have an uncanny faculty to procrastinate them all the time. like, i'd rather try to make a slingshot out of a piece of rubber band and my toes than to get up and do the stuff that's been swirling in my mind. so, here's to productivity!

p.s. whenever i think of love and life, i inadvertently remember the images from
Cox & Cox.

onward we go,


Inspira said...

I would love to try making a slingshot with a rubber band and my toes! :-P But yes, I agree - why do we always do other things but the ones that we really want to? I do that all the time - all the other things!

~e~ said...

mmm... these are some of my favourite pictures of the ones you posted on sgbrides. :)