25 June 2007

O' for the love of chocolates

I didn't get into work today. Home, ill. Being in bed the whole day allowed me to catch up on sleep - something I am lacking the past month or so.

Let's move on though and not talk about my sleeping off the irritating abdominal cramps which had me reeling in bed.

(Image courtesy of Lily O'Briens)

Last night, I tasted Lily O'Briens' chocolates. I've always found that Irish chocolates are, if not under-rated, some of the tastiest, smoothest chocolates in the market. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some, please indulge - you're in for a ride. ~ Inspira

1 comment:

exp said...

ahhhhh, fahhbulouss dahrling :)
and rest up!