27 June 2007


my life, i realized, had been hitherto, relatively happy and selfish.

then, this week, i had to baby-sit because my fabulous job not only provides an exclusive office that can contain a cot, a playpen, a stroller, a kick-ass laserjet printer, a computer and 3 bookcases chockful of my geeky books, it allows me to work from home. anyone's home.

this week - i wake up every 30 mins to screams and tears, i sleep next and on to little teddy's and "my baby", i get up at 6.30 am and have to cajole some kid to go to childcare (because it was the happiest place on earth). i'm also amazed that this trick of supernanny works - everytime i need to get something across, i get down on my knees to little bratty J or S or whatever's level and tell them i meant business.

i also realize kids don't cry too much around me. i have a knack of controlling teardrops: tears only well up and stay in sockets and somehow dissipate.

i'm profoundly humbled and have developed an abyss of respect for all mommys out there and an insatiable appetite for ME-time.

~ exp ~

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