06 December 2006

pearl and marmalade


when did surfing become a guilty pleasure? i was mindful of the clock while i was poking around in the etsy-universe. i didn't know you can easily find fabulous letterpress printed cards in etsy - i was a
port2port addict, (err..well, still am but the recent move to singapore changed my income quite a bit and has thus changed my status from a spender to a "drooler"). i sure love what i found...

pearl and marmalade (what a sweet name!) also has a website.
Their beautiful Emily Dickinson card is only $3.50 ! (i'm getting it once i know how to set up paypal from singapore)


Inspira said...

Me want too! Let's pool... ;-P

Anonymous said...

these are just fantastic!

Pearl & said...

Thanks so much for the notice... We just found you dears and adore your blog!!! Send us a Singapore address thru our site's contact form so we can gift you our letterpress card! --Lee (from Pearl & Marmalade)