06 December 2006



sorry for the absence. E has left for the States this morning. We had barely 3 hours of sleep and I can now hardly keep my eyes open. My sister has gone to Vietnam and left her cuties here with us - my nephews. My mom's had hardly any room, let alone breathing space. I learned that the many years of living alone had undone some of my earlier lessons of "living together harmoniously". I realize that I can be really selfish and adamant about having my own space. There are a lot of life lessons that go unnoticed everyday... I need to learn how to compromise.

So, E left this morning and I am starting to miss him...but I take comfort in the fact that I will see him in 10 days. E left with my flock - the dove ornaments I'd sewn. To my swap partners, I'm really sorry for sending out the ornaments so late... I totally underestimated the success rate of my prototypes and how picky I can be. E will be sending them out to you the minute he reaches home, I figure they will reach you faster this way.

Here they are, cozying up with Amy Ruppel's painting and a ceramic snoozing bird i bought years ago.

inspira, thanks for the emails. you are one true friend. i'm beginning to think about new year resolutions. my mind is swamped with many things that need to be done (work-wise) but i should strive for more - there are more people to care about and there are more things to give freely. ~ exp.

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Inspira said...

The dove ornaments are pretty and cute!! ;-) Shameless me asking : can I have one too? hahahah