15 February 2013


It has been a while.

Without realising it, 2013 has come and almost a quarter gone.

Exp and I have grown. Together. And yet separately. We both have husbands to cook for. Sons and daughters to chase after. I'm glad that amidst our busy schedules, we did have time to check in (incessant odd hour text messages - we never talk on the phone after all this time knowing each other!), rambling emails, meet ups with our brood. Lovely. I love catching up with Exp.

I'm looking forward to 2013 and what it has to offer. 2012 was tough on me personally. Health-wise. Domestic help issues.

This year - I am raring to go. For one, I am FINALLY taking driving lessons. But still a few months away to actually getting my license. Woo hoo! Who wants to have a ride in my car once I get my license? At your own risk of course. Ahem.

So here's a toast to 2013! New challenges. New possibilities.

But always, friends for life.

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