20 April 2011


It's been weeks, okay, months since I last posted.

I have had to take a bit of time for myself to reassess myself. My life. Our lives. Where we are headed to. Our future.

As most of you would have known by now, we are pregnant with our second child. 19 weeks along today and quite a few more weeks to go before we welcome the lil' one.

This pregnancy has been a rather different experience from the one I experienced when I was pregnant with the girl. For one, I fell rather ill very early in the pregnancy and with that came the unnecessary worry and anxiety. And then the amniocentesis we opted to take. And although by the time I underwent the procedure (alone, mind you with M away in Sydney) I was pretty much calm and accepting of what HE had in store for me (us), it still was something different and foreign.

Fast track to the present, lil' bubs is doing pretty well and has been kind to me.

And with that (in between battling the on-off pukey feeling at odd hours of the day), the resolution to keep on doing that I have been before the "silence".

So in time, my posts to come will be more visually enticing (than this particular one).

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