28 March 2011

the nesting...

ikea art room ikea art room
ikea art room

an art room for the kids from ikea blog - this will file away as a wishlist item unless the real estate market crashes and we could move into a 2000sqft apartment/house.

dwellstudio bus bookshelfdwellstudio elephant bookshelf

dwellstudio bookshelf... i prefer the bus for practical reason and the elephant for aesthetics plus the fact that my little boy now sings the nursery rhyme "大象,大象,你的鼻子怎么那么长?" whenever he sees one in his book or on tv. anyway, both the child's adorable-ness and the bookshelves cuteness melt my heart.

design sponge pirouette

spotted this on piroutte blog and was assured that my decision to go for ikea's mammut was spot on in the stylish department. except, ikea now only offers pretty awful colors (why do they have to discontinue the red?) but the green of the mammut stool is fab and they do have the kritter chair in red (but, the silhouette is not as disney-landish like the mammut...
ikea mammut stoolkritter red

i'm probably obsessing too much about the home, doc said i'm exerting myself, and E couldn't agree more. how could it be? i'm born a multi-tasking octopus.

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Inspira said...

RELAX and REST! I'm with E on this.