17 February 2011

thinking pink

petit bateau
petit bateau 2

buying for a baby girl is sooo hard. it wasn't hard to buy for the little boy, the selections are usually quite understated and that suits my taste better, i'm having a hard time buying pink stuff since most of the time, it's creepily "princessy-pink". (please, do we need to start the princess-complex at this young age?) but yesterday, while having a crabby day, i sought out the foolproof retail therapy and came across this set from petit bateau...sets my heart aflutter.


Inspira said...

So pretty....but yes, I am dead set against pink - Nad's clothes all have limited pinks and so far, owned only 1 pink shoes (courtesy of a gift hamper we received) and currently pink everyday sandals (sigh). I stock up on gold, silver, brown, black shoes when I see them in Nad's sizes - trust me it's hard to find non-pink shoes!

~e~ said...

ooh... pretty...

btw, petit bateau is having end of season sale now - 50-70% off.