15 January 2011

making dreamland sweeter

nursery cloud 9 fabrics
nursery cloud 9 fabrics 2

i saw inspira's post and i had to laugh. i was thinking about crib sheets all day. amongst other baby/toddler things. i'm eyeing organic cotton fabrics from cloud 9 and whimsical designs from free spirit. and yes, who can forget instructions. see here and here.

free spirit parisville by tula pinkfree spirit kumari garden by dena designsfree spirit  circus by felicity miller

{cloud9 fabrics; parisville by tula pink; kumari gardens by dena designs; circus by felicity miller}

postscript: found more instructions: here and here.


Inspira said...

I sewed Nad's using the tutorial here:-


exponent said...

Thanks Inspira,
Great tutorial!