10 December 2010

Christmas Tree, Fairy Lights

This post is dedicated to Exp and E.

They are (probably?) still debating the good and bad points about a Christmas tree (to put things in perspective, the debate in the Huda household will be something like this:-

Me : Shall we get a christmas tree?
M : Not now. When everything is done.
Me : But . . . but . . . it'll look soo pretty. Please.
M : No. Later.
Me : (exasperated look on). Now. Please.
M : WTH! Why do you still ask me if you want it now anyway with my opinion given? Go get it then.
Me : :-( (But secretly happy and pulling or lugging M to the store)

(Image courtesy of A Merry Mishap)

So, this gem of a christmas tree from A Merry Mishap could be the merry, happy compromise between Exp and E. It's so do-able within an hour..(?) and budget friendly and packs easily into a storage box at the end of the festivities. :-)


exponent said...

i thought of that but it doesn't look like the charlie brown one...hah

why does M talk like E? heh

~e~ said...

We got our tree last weekend! But i haven't dressed it yet - R forbids me to do it in his absence in case I fall off a stool or something. Sigh, I'm not THAT clumsy....

Inspira said...

~e~, listen to R(!) Trust me, even when you think you are not that clumsy, it's better to be careful...

Inspira said...

Exp: LOL. E has a little bit of both of our traits. heh

Do the live trees in Ikea come with the promise to replant a seedling back or something..? I can't find that info on the sg website.

exponent said...

i was told by my treehugging friends in the US that christmas trees grow super fast so i'm not particularly concerned about seedlings -we used to be able to get free trees from a friend's farm in madison ... the good thing about ikea trees is that if you bring them back, they promise to recycle the trees to mulch :)

e - more fun when the two of you do it together with bunny bump, yeah? in other words, listen to R - hee!

Inspira said...

Cool re. Ikea! And I think they give you a gift voucher when you return the trees, no?