28 November 2010

Kooky Love

It's the last weekend of November.

I've been in a nesting mode.

Dreaming. Plotting of homely stuff to do and get myself into.

I'm done with the Christmas shopping(!) Crazy I know since it's not even the end of the November but hey, I am planning to avoid the crazy crowd in the city nearing Christmas. I rather spend the days I have chilling at home, wrapping the gifts (oh, how I love having brown kraft paper, red and white wrapping papers, ribbons, baker's twin, tags etc all strewn on the floor of our study room as I dream up ways to package the little gifts I purchased for my friends).

Today, M indulged my crazy nesting mode and hoover-ed (or vacuumed, in local language) the entire apartment (upstairs and downstairs, thank you very much). Then I mopped the floors, and washed the kitchen washroom.

30 pieces. 30 minutes.

Mmmm . . . . 


Eric said...

mmm cookies.

Inspira said...

Eric: Yup. We've eaten all but 2 left in the jar - yummy!

Going to bake these as gifts for the office people. And going to tweak the recipe a bit cos' find that it's a little too sweet, even for me.