01 November 2010

I Want To Hold Your Hand

WARNING for Locals: Stop. Do not read any further if you do not want to know anything about Season 2 of Glee.

I've been lunching in the office the last week or so. Surfing the silicon world. Flickr-ing. YouTube-ing.

And rather absent-mindedly, I stumbled (ok, I purposely did a search but I was dying to know!) upon an old upbeat song by The Beatles sung by Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel in an entirely slow and heart-wrenching arrangement.

I had good food for lunch (I cooked and brought for lunch, by the way) and there I was bawling as I slowly chewed on my eggplant and basmati rice.

Don't believe how heart-wrenching the arrangement is? Listen for yourself:

(Video courtesy of GummyBearGleeks2 via here)

And for The Beatles' virgins, here's the original:

(Video courtesy of bucket0steaz via here)

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