15 October 2010

Let Us Eat Cake

M's cousin is getting married early next year in Seattle and we're going for their 1st wedding reception in Delhi in October, and then hopefully to their 2nd one in Seattle the year after.

My friend and unofficial official dressmaker may also be getting married. Soon-ish. Well, I think they may get married. 'Eck - blame the boyfriend who suggested that my friend join him to look for an apartment together. Does that count as a proposal?

Anyways, I am dreaming again. It's a good thing - dreaming.

. . .  Of cakes.

Beautiful, sculptural, whimsical wedding cakes, no less.

(All images courtesy of Maggie Ausin Cake)


~e~ said...

oh wow... i love all of them! couldn't bear to cut into any!

Inspira said...

I know! Me too. Sayang to cut into works of art....