19 September 2010


M and I walked with Nadine to Hampstead Heath after visiting my mom-in-law at the hospital.

The sun was shining bright in the somewhat chilly autumn weather. 

Pryors Fields and Hampstead Pond are a beautiful sight.

I can see why the houses in the area are amongst the most expensive in this ctity.


~e~ said...

How's your MIL doing?

Did you get a crepe? and is the giant chair/table still there?

exponent said...

good thoughts and big hugs to you sweetie :*

Inspira said...

~e~ Not yet to the crepe and we haven't ventured far enough to the Heath.

Exp: Thanks!

Both: Mom in law is doing much much better - thank you for all your prayers. :-) She is off the respirator and she's attempting to talk and they may transfer her to the normal ward today if everything is well.