03 September 2010


Eid ul-Fitr is exactly a week from today.

We still have loads to do in terms of spring-cleaning and what nots. Our CDs and DVDs are arranged on the floor alphabetically waiting to go into the white Kassett boxes we lugged from Ikea last weekend. These will be done and completed this weekend. I am sure.

I need to clean out the fridge, the master-bedroom bathroom's vanity, shoe cabinet, Nadine's changing table. The list is long. Thankfully, it's simple "can-be-done-in-an-hour" kind of job which I can do after I get home from my usual day job.

So, whilst spring cleaning, I realise that our collection of bedspreads have dwindled. You see, when we started using M's Australian mattress (their Queen sized mattress is longer than the local Queen), shopping for sheets on this island is a nightmare. So we had to rely on the few sheets M have had since his Aussie days (yikes!) and my foresight to purchase a few whilst in Sydney last year. Thankfully, our duvet is a "universal" king-sized one which means, I can get a hold ofa  decent one without having to fly 3,925 kilometres to Sydney to purchase a couple of duvet covers.

So I traipsed to Robinsons yesterday at lunch.

Duvet covers are frigging expensive in Singapore! I mean, these things cost over $150.00!

So after walking around for 10 minutes, looking at somewhat similar looking designed and coloured duvet covers, I decided to get a Kas-designed duvet. Perfect - Australian. M will be happy.

So, I settled on this to compromise on the masculinity and feminity in the master-bedroom.

Ps. Sorry folks - no pictures today. I will be better in the next post - promise!


~e~ said...

Love the colors on the Cruz!

exponent said...

i saw it, it's lovelier in person :)

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