21 July 2010


Things have been crazy since our return. Still.

And I know I really should start on sorting out the home. I've procrastinated long enough only till our next door neighbour has completed the major dust and dirt inducing renovation works. Now that they are almost complete, I am back to dreaming of starting work on Nadine's room.

Being the obsessive compulsive person that I am, I know attempting to free-hand cartoon jungle animals peeking behind long blades of grass may not meet my crazy me's standard. So thank goodness I've managed to get M on board - we're going with the aviary look/theme now. So much easier to deal with silhouettes of birds. Almost a no-brainer, yes? Let's hope so.

Meanwhile, I've been sight-seeing the silicon world and fell in love with these from Airflow Collectibles Inc.:

I know what you guys are thinking - I am thinking of getting Nad one of 'em trikes.

Bah . . . Forget Nad. I want one!


exponent said...

oooo, i want the pink one!

Madison said...

Those are so adorable. Where DO you find all this great stuff? Glad we have you to find it for us!

Inspira said...

Exp: I love the pink one too! hahaha.

Madision: Can I ask you to ship the pink one back for us?