24 July 2010

Groovy Baby


We were out at Ion Orchard today.

Mostly to jumpstart the creative juices flowing. What with my intent to start working Nad's room this weekend - really, on Sunday since Sundays are stay-at-home-to-recuperate-and-get-ready-for-Monday-day.

We walked nonchalantly into Proof Living.

Oohs and aahs all around.

Excited when I saw the Eames Elephant. But quickly the excitement diminish when I saw that it's really impractical. Sigh.

Then . . .the Panton Junior Chairs(!!)


Price tag - $300+. Um.

You must already know what a scrooge I am to come up with that kind of money in a split second so I went back out. Thinking. Pondering.

Then I texted Exp. And lamented.

Exp mentioned that Space had them on sale!

I was excited and was trying to convince M to swing by the Marina area (where Space is) whilst trying to educate my dear husband on the values and iconic designs of Verner Panton and Ray and Charles Eames.

I think M was nervous. He begged Exp (or rather texted her) to stop talking chairs with me. Bah.

Then I noticed he mixed Pantone (the authority on colour) and Panton in his text to Exp. Freudian slip. Oh well. It seems Pantone and Panton get mixed up even by designers. So no big deal.

But but but . . . Good news is that Exp agrees to go shopping with me for Nad's chairs. It's down to Philippe Starck designed Kartell LouLou Ghost Chair or the Panton Junior Chair.

What's your vote?


~e~ said...

i vote for panton!

Inspira said...

~e~ : Thanks! Both M and I are voting for it too! The Kartell is nice but lots more "sharp" edges.

exponent said...

mini pantons are cuter than mini ghosts :)