16 June 2010

A Date in the Park

This has been long overdue.

My partner in crime, Exp is probably busy doing last minute packing and dashing off to the airport for a whirlwind trip of Milan-Paris-Rotterdam at this very moment. Can you tell I am envious? (Have fun guys!)

So, I have been home alone with the bubs for 3 days this week, nursing her back to health from a fever which has been bordering 39.7 degrees celsius.

M is away. Along with the hundreds of thousands who have made the trip to South Africa to catch 20 men run after a ball at each game to which they will culminate to the lifting of the trophy sometime in July. I think. The finale that is.

As I was saying . . . this has been long overdue - our 1st date. In the park. Just the two of us, M and I, without the bubs in tow. An evening out in the park. Water enveloping the grass from the rains pelting earlier in the day. The winds cool. Andrea Bocelli serenading us. Well, and a few hundreds as well. But, hey, good free VIP seats count for something? (And I know I sound terribly geeky and obsessed but Dato' Michelle Yeoh was sitting just behind us!)

He is amazing. Bocelli.

Did I say that this - Bocelli and us - has been long overdue?

(Alas, the photo of us that wasn't taken by Dato' Michelle Yeoh)


Madison said...

What a nice picture. And it is so important to get out for dates isn't it? I hope you ad a great time. I did not get off to Rome or Paris or Milan, but I went on a mini vacation myself. You can read about some of my frustrations while away on my blog if you are interested.

Inspira said...

Thanks Madison! We're going to go out on more dates as much as we can pull ourselves away from the bubs. :-)

And oh, yes, I visit your blog often. Your posts resonate with me. I nod my head often times. I too sometimes wish we have a flood - and we did a week ago right down town where all the shopping is done..and where a lot of rude obnoxious people abound as usual. heh.

Woops, I am evil.