23 June 2010

Crossing the Oceans

Approximately 12 hours to my boarding the plane headed to our annual London sojourn.

It will be a tad bit different later tonight.

See . . . I'll be crossing oceans with Nad in tow. All of her 12 months and 23 days. No M to help me out on a what could be a long 13 hour journey for that lil' adventure seeker/explorer.

So, I have my luggages packed and stroller pimped. A diaper haversack and a pseudo diaper tote bag all packed and ready to go.

It will be an adventure, I am sure.

She was a good traveller when she was 5 months old. So I have been praying for the same this time. (On top of talking to her about taking the plane, showing her what a plane looks like, pointing to where UK is on the globe --> yes, I am all for getting the lil' one all mentally prepared even though she may not understand everything. At least she looked like she had fun whilst I point out to her these things.)

Anyways, I am anxious.

And a lil' bit crazy to attempt to fly alone with a 12 month old.


Madison said...

Good luck and remember, if it doesn't go as well as you hoped, we have all been there. Buying the people around you a drink can go a long way toward making up for a screaming child

exponent said...

so, this is bad mommy talking... christian was fantastic on the 13 hour flight to amsterdam :) and he adapted well to the time difference... so shame on me for underestimating my kid's ability to adapt and behave. i'm sure nad will be an angel!

Inspira said...

Madison: Yeap. I was REALLY praying.

Exponent: Nad was fabulous too! And I had such great flight neighbours! :-) How's Paris/Milan/Rotterdam?