21 March 2010

Polka Dot Beauty

I really should be sleeping.

Deep sleep.

After all, I have had a full day in spending a few hours out battling the rain and crowds along Orchard Road. This with public transportation (I am soo thankful our new apartment is within walking distance to a train station but that's a story for another time.). And then back home for a whole 10 minutes before heading out for dinner with my sister and her brood and then marketing here.

Exhausted. You bet.

So even though I am still living amongst our moveables still packed up in boxes and half finished projects (ie. window treatment-less, paintings and art still lined against the walls; no telly console just yet as we want to let our bank accounts breathe (I am very old-fashioned when it comes to money and renovations.), I have been thinking - as I lay down trying to get some shut-eye - about Nad's 1st birthday.

I do want to have a party. I think. And more often than not, I argue within myself alot about including balloons.

You see, unnecessary rubber/latex that are the balloons will probably not bode well with the hubs - the eco-warrior M. But damn, aren't these balloons just screaming to be at Nad's party?

(All images courtesy of Plates and Napkins)


exponent said...

they are so cute! and latex balloons are biodegradable. but if you are talking about minimizing waste... ummm... that'll be tough...

eric said...

we'll bring them so he won't be able to complain too much. 8^)

Inspira said...

Heee...you guys are rocking the boat! haha. I am tempted but I am trying to keep to the eco-ways for this party.