02 December 2009

family living

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stockholm is the first city that makes me want to make lots and lots of babies... so i can decorate and redecorate the nursery, buy lots of baby fashion, go places with my babies...
and this fab mag gives me endless night-time reading joy (though i only snagged one issue from my last trip)
ahh... i want to re-visit stockholm! this time with my bebe in tow :)
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Inspira said...

We're going next summer (!!) - we've already spoken to M's aunt to stay. Wanna holiday together? Hhehehehe

exponent said...

i want (!) hee - be careful... you may have the same impulse - it's stork country out there ;)

Inspira said...

We totally should holiday together...Best if the kids are older and they can interact together (!) --> yes yes, I'm hatching plans already...hahahaha.

Sweden - thank goodness we're staying with family --> best behavious on = less temptation..? hahahaha