07 November 2009

The Butler Did It

I popped by John Lewis yesterday for a spot of tea.

Really, I was there to just grab these for Nadine, have tea. And then Nadine and I would be off. Or so I thought. Not until I laid my eyes on Heather Bailey. And Amy Butler. And -gasp - Anna Maria Horner.

My head spun. My knees went weak. My legs nearly buckled. I felt light headed yet I could hear my brains buzzing. With excitement.

I scoured the floor for Anna Maria Horner's Small Gathering.

No stock.

Blow. Bummer. Dangit.

Then, I laid my eyes on this:

Not sure at that point what I want to do with the fabric but 3 metres of it should be more than enough for something.


exponent said...

her fabrics are so pretty and their quality is fantastic!

Inspira said...

There are bolts/bales of Amy Butler's fabrics at the store - I just couldn't settle on any one until a good half an hour later! I'm now etsy-ing for Anna Maria Horner's fabric. Thinking of doing cot sheet for Nadine.

exponent said...

wow... good luck with the search :)