29 October 2009

Old Tech

My recent chat with ~e~ recently reinforced the need for me to "upgrade" myself to a digital SLR camera. We decided that the Canon EOS 500D would probably be the best option for me considering I am still a Canon girl at heart. And there's 1080p video recording to boot!

Alas, because I was still trying to get the best of deal of the current price tagged to the camera (yes yes, we all know what a cheapie I am!), I brought my faithful film SLR camera for our travels this time - which may be archaic but I'm hoping will show Marrakech in all her grainy rosey glory.

Here are teasers of Marrakech (which M has taken) with the Panasonic Lumix:


Ps. With the recent purchase of the new apartment in Singapore, I am trying so hard not to purchase any "home" items or I would probably need a whole container to ship the gems I have fallen in love with  whilst out exploring the souks.


exponent said...

woot! i'm egging you on in getting a new camera :)

Inspira said...

I am! Just not at the present moment - wish the price will go down a bit more though. *hopeful*