14 October 2009

the lovers, the dreamers and me

i know i'm a stubborn ass and some part of me just likes to gamble on things i adamantly believe. sometimes, i prefer to see myself as a dreamer who believes dreams do come true. and a sappy one at that. a couple of months back, i bought a polaroid slr 680 because (a) i wanted to give my baby a polaroid photobook as a special gift, figuring that when he grows up he'll probably never know polaroids and (b) it was a good deal on ebay - there was a typo on the listing (can't remember what it was) and no one was bidding on the camera. i had stocked up on some 600 films but wanted to experiment them on an slr. polaroid was announced dead back then though some dreamers believe it will be resuscitated. i bought that 680 betting on the revival of polaroids. and today, i saw this fantastic piece of news (!)

my baby will grow up knowing polaroids after all.

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Insoira said...

Stuff are made from dreams. :-)