30 July 2009

Work Surprise

I surprise myself sometimes.

I went back to work yesterday.

Like for real.

I worked.

I decided that I wanted to ease myself into work and went back into the office on Wednesday, after taking 47 days of maternity leave. Working for 4 hours in the morning before leaving, to be home with my family, is good for me. And Nadine. And Meraj (he's taking care of Nadine in my absence - and doing such a good job!). It forces me to stay focused on my job at hand. Like Exp, crossing out my to-do list is gratifying.

So after 4 hours in the office on Wednesday, on the way home, I popped by here to get myself flowers as a treat for surviving the morning.

Now if only my tonsilitis will go away . . .


exponent said...

the orchids are lovely! hope you had fun at work and more importantly, hope you get better soon :)

Inspira said...

Went to the doc again this morning and got another half day mc. And changed the antibiotics. Fever wise - much better. phew.