13 June 2009

Afternoon Bliss

Nadine must have known that the All Blacks are playing France this afternoon.

And what bliss that I had the time out to catch the entire first half of the match, nevermind that the All Blacks are trailing France. (In case you don't know by now, I have been an All Blacks supporter since Jonah Lomu.)

In a bit, I will be cooking dinner.

I'm contemplating sweet and sour. Prawns. Or is that shrimps as our American friends would call them? Prawns. Shrimps. They still taste as sweet. And sour. Geddit? Hardy har har.

Anyways, I've disgressed as usual.

I have been wondering off-late what I have done to be blessed with such a considerate child even at that age.

1 comment:

exponent said...

what an angel!