12 May 2009

It's Coming Together

M and I met up with our real estate agent last Sunday. The same one who helped us secure our current apartment at a steal based on our very strict budget and criteria we laid on her.

Yes folks, M and I will officially be back in the real estate market in about 2 months. With Cookie in tow. It's crazy I know but we have good support in the form of family and friends, so I think we'll make it till the end together with our hair intact.

Initially, we really wanted to be somewhere near town for the convenience of work (we are - still - having an on-going debate about purchasing a car) but decided to stay in this part of the island largely due to our fur-children.

See, Stairway and Empress are still fed wet food once a day in the morning just before I leave for the office. And in the evenings, they get to go out and roam free for about 15 minutes along the corridors (which to them usually means either munch leaves or stalk/chase geckos). And since Empress is still a lil' wary of people, we don't want her further traumatised if we leave her in the care of a cat-sitter or the people at the pet hotel if we were ever to go on holidays.

Nothing beats family. So buh-bye city-living.

But on a bright side, I'm now all psyched with Cookie coming along in 3 weeks and ideas exploding in our heads for our new home with Stairway, Empress and Cookie's needs in mind.


~e~ said...

ooh... exciting times!! new space = new ideas = new crafty fun!

Inspira said...

~e~ Yuppers! M has already "choped" ideas for the kitchen - he wants his "chef" space..*rolls eyes* I told him I want an eclectic living room and he gave me the blur look - so I am compiling pictures to show him what eclectic looks like.

exponent said...

so fun! i love your current home, i'm sure the new one will be just as cosy and lovely :)

Inspira said...

Exp: Thank you. Hopefully, with the new home, we can adapt the windows and door to allow our fur-children to roam about without us sacrificing winds through the home. ;-P Plus, we're trying to incorporate eco-ideas for everyday living in the home.