14 April 2009



I woke up to this in my mailbox this morning and I'm starting to panic. B.I.G time.

Although I would like to think I had it all covered - the bare material basics of making Cookie's stay in this side of life a wee bit more comfy, that is - I am still behind (!) schedule. I bet you you can hear me gasp and hyperventilate just about now. Gulp.

Fear not, I think the obsessive-compulsive-detail-oriented me has got it under control. I think I have. Er . . . I would like to think I have. Okay . . . maybe you be the judge of this:

M and I decided that we didn't want to torture our furballs (and our health, as well as Cookie's, for that matter) from the fumes of the new wall paint we were supposed to have put on in the "new" nursery. Even if we chose the so-called odourless paint products in the market, believe you me, it still takes a good 2-days to purge the potentially toxic fume. Oh well, just as well. The lavendar walls we have on for the last 2.5 years are still pretty spotless (to the naked eyes)anyway.

And then there's the monstrous black (yeah yeah, I admit I was into the early 90s goth back then. ;-P) cupboards which I have had for at least 10 years.

On inspection, they are still in good condition (read : no mildew etc to worry about). The only bummer : the doors won't close properly. But we managed to get the hinges sorted out and we'll have those fixed as soon as I decide how I am going to restore those babies (the cupboards, not the furballs or Cookie). Yes people, this 33-week pregnant woman is going to be working with modge-podge and I-have-almost-decided-the Japanese fabric I laid eyes on in Arab Street. Ok, maybe I should say, attempt.

So, last weekend, after the major decision of restoring the cupboards and staying with the lavender walls, we borrowed my parents' car and with me in the back-seat to act as a human GPS, made our way to that iconic blue and yellow institution to purchase a baby dresser and a sofa-bed.

Sofa-bed : check. Baby dresser: not exactly. Instead of the usual baby changing table/dresser, we purchased this. I just need to get planks of wood from the art store to build the "changing-table/tray" to sit on top.

So todate, M has dismantled the bed to send to the storage sometime this week (or next when he returns from his business trip --> hmmm), the sofa-bed and the dresser are put together. We managed to get 2 bags of old but still wearable clothes out of the cupboards to the Salvation Army.

And in between lunch breaks in the office and ad intervals on Damages and CSI, I started on the mobile project.

And oh, most importantly, since we cannot for obvious reasons, go with a yellow themed nursery, we're going with yellow and lavender-hued-family-tones-combo.


sky said...

a changing table is a "must" in our books. we nearly broke our backs changing our baby on our bed.

Inspira said...

Yeah I know. I just didnt like the ones they had at Ikea so I got the dresser and included like a add on-option to act as "changing spot". :-)