05 March 2009

as sweet as it gets


don't you just love mini? feisty and sweet, cute (like, hot-chick cute) and witty :) love her to bits, i bet moxie shares lots of her traits!

i'm up at an odd hour - 5.30am - my tummy molded to an unnatural shape. E and I swear we've got twins but the doc's transducer hasn't caught it yet.

anyhoo, i'm sitting here eating a store-bought croissant (which is pretty good given that it comes from a factory) and drinking hot tea and clearing out my inbox and saw this...

amy ruppel chocolatesamy ruppel chocolates 2

Crafted by Neapolitan Printing & Company of the choc-o-bama fame, these amy ruppel chocolates promised marvelous flavors: lychee, green tea and five-spice cashew enclosed in either a bittersweet or milk chocolate shell, all wrapped up in a neat little year of the ox box with a 7x7 print. life is like a box of chocolates indeed!

1 comment:

Inspira said...

Mini is lovely! She's really fun to "hang out" with even if it's just in the e-world for now. I can't wait to meet her in person!