08 February 2009

Scissors, Paper (Stones?)

On a whim, I found myself at the bookstore last night, paying for a Winter 2009's edition of, get this, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

Not sure why...

Perhaps the picture of a pristine white tiered cake adorned with colourful butterflies enticed me. Or the fact that one of the articles in the magazine features 267 bright ideas for one's wedding day called out to me.

So I am married. To the same man. Almost 3 years come April. With Cookie on the way. Had a fabulous wedding, pre-wedding brunch and post wedding dinner.

There's no rule to say that just because I am happily married, I can't buy wedding magazines. I wish people would stop pigeon-holing me.

I happen to love browsing through wedding magazines. The wedding details, trends, colours. Maybe I am secretly and subconsciously harbouring a burning desire to be an event planner? Who knows . . . I don't (at the moment). But I sure do love the creativity, these magazines always inject me.

Now, where's my paper and scissors?

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