07 February 2009

Loving is . . .

As I sit here in the Creativity Room, listening to the Boss' 16th studio album, Working on a Dream, whilst working on a craft project, I reminisce.

15 April 2006 - when we become man and wife.

Days leading up to the wedding day, flooding my memory.

As you may know by now, M is a very hands-on guy. He had a hand in everything, and I mean everything, to do with the wedding. From the wedding colours to the songs playing at our wedding reception.

The Boss' Secret Garden is our song (he had that song subtly playing in the background high up on the 70th floor at our New Year's Brunch when towards the end, he went on a knee - amongst his fellow Australian diners watching -and proposed; songs from the Boss played at our pre-wedding bunch at the same proposal venue and at our wedding reception; even our studio photographer embarked on including scenes from Jerry McGuire - where the song was featured - into our pre-wedding shoot).

Our wedding day, with its' share of mishaps (ie. initial missing directions at the venue and my traditional pseudo gold necklace falling to the floor in the middle of our walk down the aisle to a room full of guests), was beautiful. Nothing fazed me that day. All that mattered was me walking down the aisle hand in hand with M.

I realise that after all the wedding details have been ironed out; after the deed has been done, the people that were with us leading up to the wedding day is what it's about. They are so much a part of our lives.

(Images of our Wedding Reception Program - can you spy Exp's name in there?)

That and music.

I have a feeling Cookie is going to be a music aficionado. S/he will probably like everything from Tchaikovsky to Justin Timberlake to The Beatles to The Who, courtesy of the constant music emanating in our home.

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i love that booklet!