09 December 2008

when can i see yooou.... again?

i can't work. cinnamon has boarded the plane. will fly to amsterdam and then to singapore. the entire journey will take 30 hours. my little fluffy ears always has a worried look on her face when situated in unfamiliar places but since she travelled so much - car rides from wisconsin to virginia to new york - we figure she'll settle down quickly. i don't think i'll feel normal again until i see her 30 hours later.

{picture taken last december in new york - see how i entrust my notes to her, she has no interest in tasting them, she's always busy wondering when the next meal would be.}

update (6.58 pm Singapore time): they reached Amsterdam! i still can't work. i thought doing mundane programming work would be mind-numbing but my jittery fingers nearly deleted my 3-days worth of work (!) have. to. con. cen. trate. arrgggghhh.


~e~ said...

can't wait to meet Cinnamon!! Hope she's ok on her flight.

Inspira said...

Praying that all will go swell - Stairway and Empress can't wait to see Cinnamon!