14 November 2008

making 3 then 4

the news is out and so i figure i'll make it official. yes, the incredible being of feeling that you are part of someone and someone is part of you and that you are about to spend the rest of your life caring and loving so unconditionally that it's beyond your imagination.

yes, baby makes 3.

and cinnamon is coming to singapore. dog makes 4.

and my family is almost, almost together - finally!

{Testing out the macro function of our point and shoot. E bought me a smurf and lots of Hello Kitty paper dolls last december at Cape May, NJ.}


mini said...

I love the macro function on my cam :)

Congrats on 4 and can't wait to see u on wednesday! too bad inspira isn't in town too hehe

Inspira said...

Me back in town!!! Food???

exponent said...

i've invited inspira along - heh heh!

mini said...

omg u r back! YAY!!!! :) * happy dance *

Inspira said...

But me can't join you girls for dinner. *sob sob* Not feeling too well. Plus, work is getting to me. (Serves me right for going on a too long vacation) Bleah.

Min: how long are you in town for?

toni said...

Oh wow congratulations! :)

And that Smurf is so cute!

Inspira said...

Hi ho Toni (!)...I still owe the post on "R" (you tagged me). ;-P

exponent said...

thanks toni!