09 October 2008

porcelain geckos

porcelain keys

E and I went window shopping yesterday and my guy was fascinated with little porcelain geckos. to him, even the house lizard is his friend. i'm always paranoid about their detachable tails. in my books, these seem more stable objects to fall in love with - porcelain keys -by Sakai from rare device in san francisco, a place to check out this coming january... yes(!) i'm going to san francisco :)


mini said...

I remember this book from my childhood. Chik chak (?) was a lizard ...cute as he was I still don't like lizards.

exp ... let's get coffee or lunch when you are in the SF!! I will be there :)

exponent said...

wha????? mini, i'll email you. this is a pleasant surprise!

Inspira said...

Oooh!!!! I want to go to Frisco too....*self invite*