17 July 2008

The Simpsons : Springfield, Singapore

I'm on a roll with blog entry . . . . :-P


Putting up the Simpsons family figurines high up in the Creative Room triggered happy memories of our wedding day.

I bid and won the figurines on the local Yahoo auctions.

(Photo courtesy of Chng Eu Lee)

A whimsical, eclectic and crazy gift to an equally whimsical, eclectic and crazy groom.

**Note-worthy fact : Someone walked off with Mr Burns at our wedding. :-(

~ Inspira


mini said...

insp > I've never seen your wedding pix before! Love your red sari and the cake :)

Inspira said...

:-) Thanks mini - you're such a sweetheart! I love my sari too (MIL gave the fabric to me as engagement gift) but can't wear it ever anymore unless I know how to fold it..:-(

We looove our cake. Top to bottom, lychee mousse (instead of lychee martini :-(), triple choc and chocolate brownie. YUMMY!

Inspira said...

Woops....it's mango mousse apparently. lol.