31 July 2008

Poppy Pink

I've been busy.

What with the piling work since my return from London, the impending office move, taking care of things around the house without the luxury of help from my dear husband who is away down under for 2 whole weeks! I miss M . . . . but I have disgressed.

Poppy will be a month old this Saturday and her parents are throwing a THINK PINK party. You've guessed it - everyone wears pink. Not my favourite-st colour in the world but I think I will survive. I wonder if wearing pink undergarment count . . . .

These are for Adora and Poppy. No prizes for guessing which is for who.

Printing these made me realise my limitations as an artist : whilst I thrive doing something creative, working on something exacting and which requires absolute precision and perfectionism make me worry. Unduly. I liken it to doing portraits - I suck at it. So unless I am paid milions of dollars to do printing and/or stencilling, I am avoiding it like a plague. ~ Inspira


exp said...

you did these - wow amazing!

you should have made one for husband and wife - oops, maybe too risque :P

Inspira said...

lol. You are too farnee Exp. :-P

I forgot to take photos of the clean Tshirts before embarking on the printing. Bummer. :-( And then, I prolonged the actual printing/stenciling cos' I was too scared on doing something so precise.

mini said...

exp > haha u are very funny leh :)

insp > u did them yourself? * in awe *