03 June 2008

Tea (Towel) Anyone?

Guess what I got in the mail today?

A tea towel hand-printed by Exp and a beautiful card accompanying the piece of art.

Don't you just love Exp? :-) ~ Inspira


mini said...

wow love them both! tea towel is so pretty. exp did you do the card as well? I have a sweet tooth so I like :)

insp:you're back?

Inspira said...

Mini, yes I am back. Too short a travel....I'm itching to get away (again). lol

exp said...

welcome home, inspira!

mini - the yummy card was from pantry magic.

Inspira said...

It's good to be back on the same soil as you Exp!

Been so busy at work, I can hardly hear myself think the last 2 days. lol