07 April 2008

sending you blues

orla kiely spring 2008

{image from orla kiely}

a pop of color to perk up your flu-zy days. orla kiely's spring collection will do just that: chicken soup for your poor body. i'm bitten by the blue bug. part of it has to do with the apartment we are renting, the landlord painted the walls a sick seafoamy blue, together with a blue lamp that gives off a barf-inducing illumination to animate and inanimate objects alike. since then, i've been surfing the internet for blue-walls-inspiration. and what can you expect? blue is a very "chic" color! yep, that seafoamy, aqua blue is actually quite dreamy. i now have to eat my words sandwiched with my first impression. though, nothing can be done with that blue lamp - uff!


blue chesterfield anthropologie

anthropologie open house bath

{bottom two images from anthropologie: check out their open house feature!}

1 comment:

Inspira said...

*cough* *sniff* The pale hues of Blue/green has always been my favourite tone.