12 April 2008

friends 4ever

dear IKEA,

it's not you, it's me. i think you are great although sometimes you do have a little attitude when the line gets a little too long. but i digressed. i'm sorry that i sometimes try to change you instead of letting you be yourself. i'm proud and self-conscious (and sometimes pimply). and i sometimes don't like to admit how much i like you. as i mentioned - it's me, not you. like, these lovely offsprings from your looms, i just feel that i'd be part of a mindless fanbase if i don't mix you up a bit. i just sometimes, ermmm, don't like you verbatim. *feet shuffling* but you know, you are great, and i'm sure a lot of people love you for the way you are. i hope you'll love me for who i am too.

friends 4ever,

ikea fabric 1

{black and white chic l2r: GUNVOR, FIALENA}

ikea fabric nature

{green, happy and lucky: FREDRIKA and HJODIIS}

ikea dark nature

{grown-up and still loving nature: PATRICIA and STOCKHOLM BLAD}

ikea fabric red

{and we all know that folksy charm goes a long way: FIALENA}

ikea geometry

{so does geeky geometry: PERNILLA and PETRONELLA}

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