24 March 2008


i'm not a mom but i'm surrounded by moms - for many years, way before i even thought i would ever have a husband, my friends were busy sprouting offsprings. and then, our conversations would become monotopic monologues of kids, childcare, baby video cds (dvds were deemed too expensive and cost-inefficient) and the occasional mom-in-laws-collective.

don't get me wrong, i like to listen. problem is i like to think too - and i would be like "what's up with that?" so, when i obsess about cinnamon, i do ask myself... "dude, what's up with THAT?!?!" so, thank you for reading and listening; i'm happy to be surrounded by doggie-lovers :) aaaahhhh, i feel safe.

anyhoo, enough with the rant and on to more fun stuff, such as, obsessing about home furnishings. stumbled across this online shop,
Cloudberry - i love names like this :)

isak trays

Isak trays designed by Sandra Isaksson, tempting enough to start a nudie camp at home, though i doubt i would look as cute.

sami rinne design

Ceramic reindeer mugs and bat and angel mugs from Sami Rinne Design, conversation-starters so I don't have to do the talking (hey, i'm quite a recluse, you know *wink wink*)

{all images above from cloudberry}

and while surfing flickr yesterday, i saw this image below and went "holy molly!"


of course, i should have said "holy cow."

image from smosch. (a funny thing just happened, i was trying to create a hyperlink here and noticed that smosch's flickr address was actually "cloudberryterrier!")


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