21 February 2008

Home is where the Heart is

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

M rushed home from KL and we had a fabulous home meal. Divine.

Veg Lasagna, Chicken Pie, Sauteed veg and roasted pumpkins. Simple but boy, the meal was delish!

And . . . what's a meal at home without flowers from the boy? :-P ~ Inspira


mini said...

you're making me hungry! share the chicken pie recipe :)

Inspira said...

Mini : I cheated and use the pre-made crust - no time to make my own. :-P But I made the filling a day in advance and cool it before refrigerating it. I copied the chicken and fennel pie recipe on Epicurious.com and tweaked it a bit to our liking (ie. put mushrooms into all of it). :-)

exp said...

aww so sweet, gerberras, your favorite!