28 January 2008

Remember, Reflect and Respect

It was Australia Day on Saturday and whilst I am relieved that most of Australians have acknowledged the injustice and slow elimination of the Indigenous Australians since the first establishment of the European settlement on Australia, spelling out "sorry" in the air with an airplane is not enough.

Whilst M is proud to be an Australian and remembers vividly the day he took his pledge, it is not to be forgotten the rights of the Aboriginal Australians.

So, while I am struggling to find a better term for 26 January, you will not in years to come, find M and I and the rest of the family at the celebrations.

Whilst I would like to think that I would in a few years be assimilated into the Australian community, I will not let my assimilation forget the rest who are still fighting for their rights. ~ Inspira

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