22 January 2008

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything : 42

It was M's birthday yesterday.

I surprised the Aquarian boy with a dinner at the joint at National Museum of Singapore and a pseudo dessert of 2 tickets to The Police next month.

Happy birthday sweetie. I *heart* you. All 42 years of you. ~ Inspira


exp said...

waaah, i get goosebumps from reading this romantic post :)

happy birthday M!

mini said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna Goddard said...

he's 42? he looks so young. you two seem so sweet:)

Anonymous said...

It's Never too late....but my wife is such a sweetie ;) ...The Police were great, a lot better than I remember seeing them at Wembley Arena Dec'83! And I AM actually a lot younger than I look (LOL!) - "M"