20 December 2007

i heart method

products from method home


i'm back at c-ville and guess what i missed while i was away (apart from the obvious personalities that i left here, aka, husband and dog)? products in the US that i can't find at home. i miss method's cleaning products. E thinks i'm nuts to even think about lugging them home. i've been procrastinating about writing to the major grocery stores in Singapore - with the full intention of pleading with them to carry products from method home. something i should do in 2008, don't you think?



Inspira said...

Exp, you SHOULD write to the island's stores to carry Method. I wrote to Ben & Jerry's distributors in 2000 - 2003 to open up a scoop shop. I think they got sick of me and finally opened up the 1st one at the Zoo in 2004 - close enough to where I was (and still am) living now. :-)

mini said...

ahh method products..that's how my Target bills add up :)

i wrote to Ikea to open a store in Boston. They ignored my request for 5 years. Now they've finally opened one but I'm kinda over them HAH

exp said...


tell me about it - i go to target with just one thing in mind, and i come out with like, 20 things. all of which i thought i needed but that thought would evaporate everytime i started loading them into the car.

my to-do list is growing :) with pride.

Inspira said...

I found Method's home cleaning products at Howards' at Parkway Parade.