06 December 2007

Bunny Maxwell

It's almost the end of the work week.

I'm still in the nesting period.

I think it's got loads to do with the monsoon season in this part of the world. Rain always makes me want to (a) go out and play in the rain or (b) stay home and start re-doing something around the house (nevermind that I have probably re-arranged the furniture like 5 times since moving in to the apartment 1 year ago!) --> that just shows how neurotic I can get.

So, I've been sitting there on my couch, figuring out whether my usual drycleaners can do something about cleaning my cow-hide rugs and I'm surfing the internet drooling over these rugs from Bunny Maxwell. They are such visual delights, I bet they can be hung on the wall. ~ Inspira


exp said...

oh, i love them. Maxwell has a similar aesthetic to thomas paul (yes?)

Inspira said...

Exp : Similar? They are the same (!) - I suppose Maxwell Bunny is one of Paul's distributors (d'oh!)

Cakespy said...

Oh, how lovely! I like these, Maxwell bunny or Thomas Paul--whoever did 'em!