30 November 2007

Umbra-ing along

I'm looking forward to cleaning out the living room tomorrow. Somehow, even though we spend most of our time in the living room together, we don't seem to have put in as much effort to make it "ours".

We have yet to put up our paintings (a quick stop to Ikea can help that along!). The cowhide rugs need a bit of cleaning. The CDs need to get onto the DIY shelves.

And oh, we sooo need a wall clock (can you believe we have been relying on the clock timer on the cable box all this time?!). Is there no cheap but chic wall clocks around in Singapore? Because we want to keep the colours in the monotonous shade of grey (to bring out the intensities of the paintings, thank you), it's been a torture to get a wall clock to go with our wall colour (well, technically I've seen them around but I'm not paying over 100 smackaroos on them - call me a cheapie, yes).

(Images from Umbra)

I love the clocks from Umbra. We don't need the mirrors but they look so sculptural - I would have got them if I had set my eyes on them earlier. The red soap dispenser is just cos' they match our kitchen. :-P ~ Inspira

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